Reimagining distribution through value and strength

High-Reliability Solutions with a Global Footprint

Coemtek is focused on unlocking value in the supply chain through an oem centric approach that is hyper focused on value creation and enhancement.

We are Experienced

We ensure price, availability and quality while augmenting products with beneficial services.

We are Professional

We provide innovative solutions designed to ensure long lasting customer relationships.

We are Reliable

We regularly go above and beyond expectations by fielding calls and troubleshooting issues.

Check out some of the ways in which we add value to our services

Automation is central to unlocking productivity and reducing dependence especially in the VUCA world of today. We design and deliver semi or fully automated solutions for the equipment we sell in standard and customized configurations to serve your needs.

We offer highly engineered solutions designed to work seamlessly with your equipment to assure quality and productivity that are best in class.

We group together the components and equipment  you need so you only have to click once, saving you time and hassle.

Product Stocking Solutions

You know you’re going to need certain parts eventually. But why go to the trouble of storing them before you need them? Let us be your warehouse and deliver the parts – quickly and efficiently – as and when you need them.


Vendor Consolidation

We know it’s easier for you to go to one website, talk to one salesperson, and keep one distributor at the front of your mind. We work hard to stock all the parts that you need, so you can rely on us to be your distribution partner of choice.

Customized Supply Chain Solutions

Your challenges are unique. We pride ourselves on our agility, and understand that a "one box fits all" approach does not apply to you. Connect with us to find solutions that are tailored to your needs.